Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fatbiking West Fork Butte Lookout

This is not a real magazine. 
Cover design appropriated from one of my favorites, Alpinist.  All design by Casey Greene.
Story on page 7 & 8 by Mac McCoy. It first appeared here.
All photos by Casey Greene.
Thanks again Dave and Kevin at Hellgate Cyclery, for letting us take out the Salsa Mukluk and Salsa Beargrease for the weekend!


  1. Awesome. Looks like you guys had a great trip. Wish I could've made it.

  2. It should be a real magazine. Awesome layout and photos as always.


  3. i'd subscribe in a heartbeat.

  4. Thanks guys.
    I guess it could be, but on the other hand, a real magazine is work. And, work isn't fun ;)

    Jeff Turman! Let me know if you've got any holes in that weekend gig planner.