Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Fat Bike Summit & Festival

Racers on course, just outside of Island Park, Idaho

Dave Chenault of Bedrock and Paradox, and BackpackingLight, heads out for a ride

Mac McCoy of Adventure Cycling Association, and Jason Boucher of QBP, ride past the headwaters of the Henry's Fork just outside Yellowstone National Park

Mac McCoy watches John Foster race past. Both would head up the road in the afternoon to ski a 'free trail day' on the West Yellowstone trails

Tracy Petervary is stoked on her 24ish lbs Salsa Beargrease

Dave checks out Jason's custom painted Salsa amongst the fleet of demo bikes

Jannine Fitzgerald racing, with her son Braden along for the ride.

I'm not going to say much about the summit because of Dave's concise coverage of our weekend here. (he's much better at that stuff then myself)

What I will echo is that I had a blast. The only disappointment was the weather. I was excited to use my new 16mm NEX lens with Sony's ultra-wide attachment, but as you can tell in the above photos, the light was anything but ideal.

As far as snowy fatbiking is concerned, it was enjoyable. I may even get out one in the coming weeks, but purchasing one is a different matter. For my tastes right now, they are too condition dependent, and my eye is on a new lightweight AT setup. Which, will be much more versatile in the Western Montana mountains.

Who knows though. Fat bikes are a tool just like a mountain bike or ice axe or running shoes, and if the right trip-idea gets stuck in my head, I may just have to grab one.

On the playlist: Houndmouth - Krampus

All photos and design by Casey Greene


  1. Thank you for the heads up about this prestigious event. Everyone seems to have a fun time biking in the snow using fat bike tyres.

  2. Definitely. I don't know the details for next year event, but i assume info will be available first here: