Monday, May 28, 2012

Gear List: Bikepacking 2012

Packing up on Rock Creek. My bike on the right. Courtney's on the left.

This will be my 4th summer of bikepacking and, as with every year, I've got some changes in my gear setup. New stuff, old reliables, and some test pieces thrown in to make sure i don't get too comfortable.

Most noticeable change this year is the lack of a backpack. Been trying to get that weight off for a few years and, unless I stumble into a situation which calls for more space, think I've finally managed it. Only riding condition where this would normally be a hindrance - technical singletrack - is negated because my bike is not designed to rage, but crawl. And, I don't mind walking.

Clothing choices.

Summertime in Western Montana/Northern Idaho rarely produces all day drizzles or intense thunderstorms. Instead we get light-quick drizzles, if anything at all. And because of this, my though has always been to have a light-quick clothing selection. No waterproof jacket. No waterproof pants. Not trying to stay dry, just warm. I'll dry out later if necessary.

Items I wear while moving are a mix of wind layers, fleece and wool, with the exception being neoprene or waterproof socks in case my feet get cold. These vapor barriers make feet sweat tons, but keep them warm.

Biggest change in my clothing system is the addition of a down vest which I'm using as I do a belay jacket for skiing: my warmest layer for kicking around at camp. In the past I've always used a synthetic piece for this function, but decided to give down a try (I may regret this).

Shoes will ether be a minimalistic trail runner with platforms, or beefy mountain bike specifics while clipless.

Sleep and shelter: MH Mtn Speed 32, Thermarest ProLite S, BD Twilight.

From there it's all the basics: tool kit, repair kit, camera, map, Aqua Mira, bottles, fire starter kit, headlamp, etc.

To view my full gear list, head here. Keep in mind, it's always changing. And, I'd be stoked to hear some suggestions.

On the playlist: Megafaun - Real Slow

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